More Evidence of The IPCC Being Wrong

Dear Pres. Obama,
The latest peer-reviewed evidence from so-called deniers on global warming, shows that the IPCC has grossly overestimated the effect of CO2 in the atmosphere, and therefore no more than approximately 1° of heat will be gained during the next century. Please give up your attempt to modify the climate, as we have little bearing on such a complex system, and all you’re doing is wasting money on a fruitless fallacy.


One thought on “More Evidence of The IPCC Being Wrong

  1. Thirty Second Summary

    Wind caused catastrophes in the United States show “no upward or downward trend” since the 1950s
    Global drought activity of the last half of the 20th century was greatest at the start of that period, when atmospheric CO2 concentrations and mean global
    temperatures were far less than they were at its end.
    The possibility cannot be rejected that the modern rise in atmospheric CO2
    has had no effect on the pH of the South China Sea.

    Although the globe is “significantly warmer than it was a century ago, there is little evidence that climate change has already favored infectious diseases.”

    718 scientists from 420 institutions in 41 countries on the Medieval Warm Period database say the Middle Ages were warmer than today.

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