San Diego, CA, USA

Bio: I'm a fiscally conservative, politically libertarian, senior who last worked for the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center, San Diego, for about a decade before contracting a strep-throat infection that attacked my heart mitral valve, eating it up to the point that emboli from the infection were thrown to the brain, causing a massive R hemispheric stroke, paralyzing my left side.Before all this happened in 2000, I led a team of approx. 40 employees and 100+ contractors in executing the overall General Security program, classified document control, and plant property inventory. Over that 10 yrs our team was able to save more than $3/4M/yr through automation, streamlining, and outsourcing. My favorite city is Sandy Springs, Georgia, due to their near complete outsourcing of all government services. To say that I've seen outsourcing work, would be an understatement! My gravatar of brain neurons represents the brain damage I've suffered.

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